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A company's credibility becomes tomorrow's most important asset in a globalizing world. Long term profitability will be closely connected with a company's ability to manage its trust capital in a thorough and strategic manner. Analysis, management and development of the company's trust capital together represent what we call trustbranding or credibility management.

We believe that the ability to stand out from the rest in your branch and in society at large together with a comprehensive commitment to trust in all actions and communication is an indispensable requisite for a company's overall sustainable reliability and credibility.

This necessity has been dramatically accelerated by the globalization of information and communication technologies. The New Global Media Order powered by the Internet extends its tentacles reaching every corner of the planet bringing constantly important global and local societal changes.

For corporations, this represents the most serious challenge to their trust capital. Their actions can be monitored by consumers, citizens and media in real time. A global company cannot survive if its actions are not consistent with its promise and values. The challenge becomes to holistically and strategically, but also in sheer practical terms, master the overall trust situation.

Trustbrand fully masters the necessary strategies that are crucial to survive – and successfully develop – in the global network society. Trustbrand has the experience and knowledge to guide you through the processs of creating and implementing your credibility management strategy with a built-in action and communication plan. We support our clients through learning evaluations on how to develop trustbranding skills. We call it Self-learning Trustbrand Development.

Moreover, trustbranding not only goes far beyond traditional branding and management; it is in fact a very reaction to it. Trustbranding challenges branding and brand management in our new global media-dependent era. Today we drive a whole new category and school; a new movement which we invite you to become a part of.

When it comes to your company, the working methods of trustbranding will fuel inspiration at both an individual and collective level. Trustbranding stimulates an internal culture of trust and development.

Welcome to Trustbrand Global Management – dare to join the journey from brand to trustbrand. Your company will gain both socially, culturally and economically. Trustbranding accelerates both short and long term profitability.

Feel free to quote us, but acknowledge the source please.

To be truly unique is today’s great challenge given the growing competition and information rush. What is your unique contribution to market and society? How do you really stand out from the rest in a genuine and credible way? Within your branch? In the local and global society? How do you support, stimulate, and even accelerate global and local sustainability through your actions and communications. To really differ and to do and speak the truth, to deliver on your promise in all actions and communication is the very essence of Trustbranding.

Trustbrand supports individuals, companies, cities, regions and even entire countries to build reputation, credibility and respect on the basis of the credibility formula: Outstanding uniqueness (at your market and in society) x Trustworthiness in all actions and communication x pinpointed media strategies = Credibility or Trust Capital.

Trustbrand helps companies which seriously and genuinely want to launch a credibility management agenda with a focus on action; to keep one’s promises through strategic considerations and offensive pinpointed media tactics. To become a global professional and trustworthy media actor and to learn to pick up the skills that makes you master the role.

Our clients constantly increase their trust capital, the engine for both long and short term profitability. The company which starts a trustbranding process today gives itself an advantage for tomorrow.


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